Reviews for Australia to Zimbabwe

A great resource for students, teachers and libraries. -VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2016

Australia to Zimbabwe is a fun, action and fact-packed virtual tour of 24 vital 0Title page man with flagscountries of the world that children in grades 3 and up, ages 8 and up, will enjoy and assimilate.” -Midwest Book Reviews

“VERDICT: A good purchase for avid geography students, but perhaps even more useful for teachers needing classroom activities. (Gr 5-8)” -School Library Journal

“[The author’s] love of travel and world cultures is evident, and she doesn’t sidestep the colonialism and conflicts that are intrinsic to nations including Haiti, Mexico, and Vietnam. Ages 8-up. (Nov.)” Publisher’s Weekly

Australia to Zimbabwe is a delightful book that appeals to all ages. …Teachers, librarians, and parents alike should all be excited to get their hands on this book.”

Australia to Zimbabwe is a fantastic stand-alone resource, but lends itself well to ideas for unit studies, or even as a stepping stone to developing a multidisciplinary curriculum for a variety of ages.”

“bursting with information and photos. …This title can be used with students of varying ages and grade levels. Students and instructors alike will find it interesting and informative. … Ages 11 to Adult.” VOYA


Website heart of flagsAustralia to Zimbabwe is a wonderful book for exploring our world. It is great for educators, parents, librarians, and kids who wish to dive into a culture in a fast-paced and entertaining way. Homeschoolers should not be without it. …It has traditional foods, fun facts, thematic maps, games, language phrases, and music.…This book is a great addition to a classroom or library.”

-Gale Ekiss, Co-Coordinator, Arizona Geography Alliance
Professor, Geography Education, Arizona State University
Retired Classroom Teacher with Over 30 Years of Experience


The geography book that needs to be in elementary and middle school libraries and classrooms! Australia to Zimbabwe is excellent for an array of learning styles while teaching world geography and multiple literacies. The many colorful photographs are visual literacy dynamite in helping English language learners and struggling readers. There are hundreds of hands-on activities for kinesthetic learners and opportunities for critical thinking through comparing and contrasting world countries, cultures, and regions. This is a new and exciting resource that can energize children about the world around them! Geography literacy at its best!”

-Dr. Kenneth Carano, Co-Coordinator, Center for Geography Education in Oregon
Professor, Teacher Education, Western Oregon University


“…an excellent reference book with appeal for a wide variety of age groups. Learning and having fun go hand-in-hand on every page. …[An] attraction for nerds of all ages…[which] has great promise as a teachers’ resource. …A resounding “A” in all categories.”

-Dr. Randy Bertolas, Coordinator, Geographic Educators of Nebraska
Professor of Geography, Wayne State College


“More than an A-to-Z book, Australia to Zimbabwe takes you on a virtual journey to explore the people, places, food, music, books and games in 24 countries around the world. Historical facts and geographic information pepper the book through engaging rhymes and brilliant photographs. I am highly impressed…[and came up with] my own fun little rhyme-
Experience the world without leaving your home
Explore music and games with friends, or alone
View people and places; learn history through rhyme
With A to Z countries, there’s plenty of time!

Dr. Kay Gandy, Co-Coordinator, Kentucky Geographic Alliance
“Geo-evangelist” and Professor of Teacher Education at Western Kentucky University


Lively, imaginative and fun, …the selections of topics, photos, text and resource materials provide good opportunities for students to extend their explorations of the world and supplement their geographic knowledge.”

Dr. William Strong, Co-Coordinator, Alabama Geographic Alliance
Professor of Geography, University of North Alabama


Australia to Zimbabwe serves as an outstanding reference and activity guide to 24 key countries. …Readers gain an appreciation for distinct cultures, and facts that are hard to find elsewhere seem to come alive, spurring curiosity, creativity and empathy around the wonders of what it means to live on our planet today. This book is a must-have for every classroom — and can enrich learning in any subject area!”

Homa Tavangar, Author of Growing Up Global & The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners


Australia to Zimbabwe is an enjoyable book with a colorful, appealing layout, vivid images, a wide variety of activities and a thorough overview of each country. …The poems are a great way to feature a literacy skill while emphasizing social studies content. …This is a great resource for school libraries and would make a wonderful gift for a upper elementary or middle school student.”

Annie Evans, Co-Coordinator, Virginia Geographic Alliance
Instructional Coach, Charlottesville City Schools


An amazing resource for teachers filled with helpful information, fun facts, and great ideas for making world geography come alive!”

Michelle Leba, Curriculum Coordinator and Geography Teacher
Washington Magnet School (serving grades 6-12) in St. Paul, Minnesota


“There’s something for every reader to wonder at or be intrigued by.”
Odette Díaz Schuler, Director of Operations and Education Programs Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education