See many UK videos below covering:

  • Listen to Bagpipes
  • Listen to Handel’s Watermusic and Music for the Royal Fireworks
  • See a trailer for the The Yellow Submarine a Beatles’ movie
  • Hands on History- Short Cartoons About Life for Kids in Historical Britain
  • The Difference Bewtween the UK, Great Britain and England
  • True Cost of the Royal FAmily
  • Travel Videos for London, Scotoland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Horrible Histories’ British Empire



Horrible Histories: British Empire Report

Unfortunately, the BBC hasn’t yet posted a few of these great videos as teasers to get you to buy the entire kids’ TV series. I will do my best to keep a version of this up, confident it will result in more sales for the BBC and a lot of fascinated viewers.

This clip is from Season 1 episode 11, the TV show is available to stream for $1.99 per episode on Amazon.